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Matt Maltese is one of those rare talents who can bring the cool and flair of Sammy Davis Jr. to the stage at a young age. He released his debut album "Bad Contestant" when he was just 20 years old, and in the music video for the single "Greatest Comedian" he was seen walking down the stairs in a pink suit.

With his high baritone he sings in expansive melodies about everyday life, love, politics and himself, while an opulent sound carries him through the songs. Maltese himself once described this as “Brexit pop”. But with his new album "Driving Just To Drive" the singer has sought a new approach and allowed himself to look into the past.

The Brit from Reading reflects on the feeling and meaning of the place you grew up in, as well as the secret of simply enjoying the moment. He shows himself to be more free than ever before.

“Driving Just To Drive” presents Maltese at his most open and calm, embracing new sounds while returning to his most authentic self-discovery. He's always been able to make people laugh, but here he finds a way to be charming while letting his guards down. The result is something bittersweet, profound and authentically emotional, giving the album great clarity and depth in narrative.

Matt Maltese honors his roots, pulls the threads of his past back to his youth and in his song "Florence" talks about a concert that changed his life as a teenager and gave the starting signal for his own musical development. For the new tracks, the Englishman has chosen a warmer and fuller sound that suits his voice perfectly, without losing his sense of well-told stories, irony and humor.

In February, fans will have the opportunity to accompany Matt Maltese on his journey into the past and certainly admire his crooner qualities when he comes to Berlin on tour.

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