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On his new album Never Had To Leave, Matt Maeson tells honest stories, holds nothing back and dives into the deepest depths. He finds his topics everywhere. For Maeson, songs are like talking to himself, writing them is a therapeutic moment. That's exactly how they sound, especially since he always finds a convincing musical means to translate his thoughts and feelings into a convincing sound.

Matt Maeson

This also applies to his new record "Never Had To Leave". Whether it's about love, his struggle for his religious stance or against the abysses he has encountered in the music industry: Matt Maeson finds clear words, the magical melody and the sparkling riff. In February he is finally coming to Berlin

The first single "Cringe" went straight to number one in the US Alternative Charts in 2016 and received platinum status, as did his "Hallucinogenics" in a remix together with Lana del Rey, which also topped the charts. But even before that success, Matt Maeson was doing what he wanted.

So he moved through the USA at the age of 17 and played his music to the cons in the maximum security areas of the prisons. "I just went there and performed songs on the acoustic guitar. It's the best shows I've ever played to this day. It feels like you're bringing a little light into a really dark place.” At the same time, it was a good school for his songwriting, because in those places nobody kept their opinions secret. Now he's showing Berlin what he's got.

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