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Record Release Tour

Is Bob Dylan a woman? 2016 saw the launch of an exciting musical project in which the US folk legend's songs are sung by a woman! Singer Steffi Breiting sings them with a powerful soprano voice. Her voice is full in volume and rough and slightly throaty in colour, which promises a highly interesting listening experience. Breiting is the front woman of the bands "Moods of Ally" and "Sweet Confusion". She is also a background singer in various formations, including Dirk Zöllner's new album.

"MasterPeace" is the name of the new band, in which musicians from different countries
play together. Dylan has been interpreted thousands of times in different ways. This time, six excellent musicians have come together whose musical beacon has been Bob Dylan for years. These include Wolfram Bodag on organ, piano and harp from the band "Engerling". The world-famous rock musician Mitch Ryder has chosen the group as his regular accompaniment for his European performances.

They are joined by Briton Jeff Allen on drums and Kuma Harada from Japan on bass guitar.  Both have been very successful in the music business worldwide for decades, playing in the band of British blues star Snowy White and with Mick Taylor, who played with the Rolling Stones for many years. It was at a concert there that they met the German guitarist Tobias Hillig, who Mick Taylor brought on stage as a guest guitarist at this gig.

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