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Mary Roos was born in 1949 in Bingen on the Rhine. She had her first performances in her parents' hotel, where she was "discovered" and recorded her first single in 1958 at the age of nine. Countless record releases and various film roles follow. 1970 the first big hit "Arizona Man". Roos becomes a star, has her own show on German television, at the same time her career begins in France. 1972 the appearance and third place at the Eurovision Song Contest with "Nur die Liebe lässt uns leben", afterwards she plays three weeks in front of a sold-out house in the Paris Olympia.

Mary Roos
Mary Roos © Stephan Pick

In the years to come, Mary Roos continued to sing chansons and Schlager with pretension and is still one of the most renowned interpreters in Germany. In addition to glamour, however, there were also dark sides to Mary Roos' life. She tells of all this in her autobiography "Aufrecht geh'n. My dissolute life"

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