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The Flexible Entry Troupe celebrates another year of music and community at WABE.

Markus Ehrlichs Flexible Eingreiftruppe auf der Bühne
Markus Ehrlichs Flexible Eingreiftruppe auf der Bühne Peter C. Theis

With changing programs and line-ups from the stylistic genre "Jazz" MARKUS EHRLICHS FLEXIBLE EINGREIFTRUPPE makes regular guest appearances at the WABE.

Before it goes on with hopeful energy in the next year, the flexible intervention troop looks back on the most beautiful stage moments of the last years and presents small views of coming on the December date again. The guests can expect a colorful mix of different ensembles and formations in planned and spontaneous actions by and with the musicians of the Flexible Intervention Group.

To the prelude it becomes already wonderfully Christmassy with "Swinging Christmas". Warm-hearted and harmonious sound the voice of the wonderful singer Mette Nadja Hansen and the saxophone of the band leader Markus Ehrlich. The rhythm section on piano, double bass and drums swings tastefully. New soloists keep joining in, concocting big-band-like spontaneous arrangements together, duo performances and octet arrangements from the band's archive resound. Like a great mutual giving and being given. The Flexible Intervention Troupe in their element!

Lots of music and even more great encounters at the big get-together of Markus Ehrlich's Flexible Intervention Group with their friends, artists and interested listeners.

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