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With the project The Big Band, the Flexible Intervention Team unites a good dozen wind instruments (trumpets, trombones and saxophones) with a rhythm section made up of piano, guitar, double bass and drums. 17 outstanding soloists put themselves at the service of a great and changeable sound for one evening.

The repertoire of the incredibly enthusiastic ensemble this time includes some big band classics that the members of the Flexible Intervention Team have been looking forward to for a long time. This special evening will feature many hits by the legendary Count Basie Orchestra such as Splanky and Li'l Darlin', Blues in Hoss' Flat and many more.

In addition, some new and specially made arrangements for the wonderful singer Mette Nadja Hansen will be heard.

With The Big Band, Markus Ehrlich's Flexible Intervention Team presents another concert highlight with swinging grooves, breakneck solos, spotted ballads and powerful shout choruses in big band tutti. You should not miss that!