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Ich bin raus!

Markus Barth is out - and he's taking you with him: Out of quarantine, out of exhausting Internet discussions and funny WhatsApp groups, out of pomposity and self-optimization talk, and even out of his four walls. Permanent camping just a few meters from your own apartment? Well, these are just special times.

Markus Barth die Hände hochhebend
Markus Barth die Hände hochhebend © Stefan Mager

In his latest solo show, the multiple award-winning stand-up comedian and bestselling author finds and celebrates the back-pedal brake in the hamster wheel. He takes off and has a bird's eye view of all the other birds. And realizes, "Even a ball bath is only pretty on the outside - on the inside it's hard plastic with gum from the day before yesterday."

Immerse yourself in the universe of one of the most creative minds on the German comedy scene. Forget everything you just thought was mega important and discover the magic of a healthy lick-me-on-a*** feeling!

In short: Come out with us!

(Program in German)

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ufaFabrik: Varieté Salon
ufaFabrik: Varieté Salon