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An interactive theater journey for everyone aged 10

Most of the huge figures, drawn into the desert sand centuries ago, can only be seen from the air. Today they are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The play begins in Dresden in the 1930s, where Maria Reiche spent her childhood and youth. As a woman of her time, Maria falls out of character; she studies mathematics, physics and geography and ultimately sets off on a journey that will not only change her own life.

We meet her again in the Pampas of Nazca, Peru, where Maria is pursuing her solitary passion: exploring the Nazca Lines. Although some people call her "the madwoman with the broom," Maria enjoys freedom under the desert sun and sets out to find the secret of how the lines were created. The production is accompanied musically live by Emilio Urbay Zevallos from Peru. He plays under other Nazca flutes, which are exact copies of the specimens from the Nazca tombs.

With Maria Reiche as a role model, the production encourages children and young people aged 10 and over to go their own way and enter into an intercultural dialogue.

(Program in German)
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