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Maria Moctezuma, composer and interpreter, arrives from Mexico and presents her new album “Xmajaná”.

Maria Moctezuma, composer and
interpreter, arrives from Mexico and presents her new album “Xmajaná”. She is the creator of the
"Raizoso Sound" a mixture of Latin with pre-Hispanic rhythms and
instruments, crossing over cumbia, reggaeton, tango, and rock: the new Mexican
music. In her show with loop station, she
plays live guitar, voices, acordeon, clay flutes (ocarinas), pan flute
(zampoña), ceremonial snail and small percussions.

The show will make the public get involved in a journey of contemporary Mexican magic and cultur Maria Moctezuma, Mexican singer-songwriter, is on an artistic upswing at national and international level. She diffuses the autochthonous and contemporary culture of Mexico through her music. Her artistic work combines Latin American, pre-Hispanic and contemporary rhythms with Hispanic-American and contemporary instruments, founding the genre Raizoso.

With more than ten years in the music industry and three albums on the market, Maria Moctezuma is one of the current representatives of new Mexican music.

At local, national and international festivals such as LA Day of the Dead at Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles, California, the imposing Peón Contreras theatre in Mérida, Yucatán, the International Caribbean Culture Festival in 7 different cities of the Mexican Caribbean, Alfonso Michel Mayan culture FICMAYA in Mérida, Yucatán; and in Japan at festivals like HIRAITERU in Fukushima or Radical Music Network in Tokyo, Moctezuma has already presented herself. In 2012 she appeared in the documentary HECHO EN MEXICO of the Englishman Duncan Birdgeman in the cinema.

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