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"Andreas Albrecht has been working with Manfred Maurenbrecher as a drummer, keyboardist and, above all, producer for over a quarter of a century - the question of how much Maurenbrecher there is in Albrecht and how much Albrecht there is in Maurenbrecher after this long collaboration literally begs the question," one read in the Album recommendation January 2024 from the song best list.

This chart of songwriters is usually topped by Maurenbrecher as soon as he releases a new piece. However, Albrecht has currently managed to do this. His album “Outwards, Inwards” not only caused a sensation there, but was also nominated for the German Record Critics' Prize. And yes, who else gets this in droves, the Maurenbrecher discovered by Spliff in 1982. However, because the two don't feel like competitors, they throw together their current programs and see how they can combine them into a rousing, stimulating musical evening. “People make mistakes” is the name of Maurenbrecher’s program. This double concert, however, feels entirely right.

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