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Mando Diao already celebrate their 20th anniversary this year and will present their new record in Berlin as part of a birthday tour. The new album, which will be released in advance in three parts, shows exactly the qualities that have distinguished the Swedes since their formation.

"Stop the Train - Vol 1" and "Primal Call - Vol 2" have already been released, a third collection of modern and old school rock'n'roll will come out this year and complete the whole project.

After a triumphant Swedish tour following the release of the Golden Record-winning album "Isolnedgången," Mando Diao reunited with producer Charlie Storm in the studio to record a rock album packed with riff-heavy songs, crashing guitars, powerful drumming and buckets of energy, with "Frustration" and "Fire in the Hall" already enjoying great success on international and Swedish rock radio.