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Malte Vief, Thomas Fleck: Malte Vief's Chamber: Still waters are Vief

With an amazing web of counterpoint, classical forms, baroque harmonies, pop melodies and the drive of rock music, Malte Vief and Thomas Fleck take their listeners on an emotional journey. Their classical roots are the breeding ground for an undefined cross-style music.

The new concert program "Kammer" is chamber music that has been created over the last ten years, which lives from the encounter and has emerged from it. Experiences are translated into the language of music. In the concert they play personal sound images that tell, touch and resonate with stories.

Malte has received many international awards as a composer and guitarist. Like its predecessor, “Kammer II”, his current album “Kammer III” was nominated for the “German Record Critics’ Award”.

Admission: 16 euros