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Make Your School

Make Your School celebrates the creative highlight of the school year! The Maker Festival is all about tinkering, DIY and clever ideas from pupils all over Germany.

Makers with cool projects will be presented and the Make Your School Awards will be presented to the best hacks (hack = technical trick).

You can look forward to a colourful programme of hands-on activities: Programme a magic wand, send the robot you built there into a race or tinker with glowing paper circuits. Expand your knowledge of artificial intelligence, fake news or outer space.

There will be matching beats and sounds on the Gameboy and from robot guitarist Roots.  
Among the participants are:

  • achNina
  • Chris Figge
  • Susanne Rentsch
  • and of course the students with the best hacks from Make Your School.

Date: Saturday, 23.09.2023
Time: 12:00 - 18:00 hrs

Admission is free

(Program in German)
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