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In the title track of the new album "IRL", which will be released July 14th, Mahalia sings: "Don't get me wrong now this was never easy / I remember when I was 13 with a big dream." A key line that you understand especially when you know that the British singer signed her first major deal at that age.

Mahalia's career really took off with 2017's "Sober", which she performed at a "Colors" session that promptly went viral. While her first collection of songs "Diary Of Me" in 2016 still focused more on songwriter vibes, she moved more and more in the direction of an alternative, emotional, empowering R'n'B after the "Colors" session. This found perfection already in 2019 on "Love And Compromise" in songs like "I Wish I Missed My Ex", "Simmer" (feat. Burna Boy) and "What You Did" (feat. Ella Mai).

Live, you can see what you feel when listening to her songs: Mahalia has become an artist who knows exactly what she wants. She is sure of her unique voice and manages to be inspiringly strong and vulnerable at the same time in her lyrics. The current single "Terms And Conditions" also underlines this. In the lyrics, she clarifies the boundaries even before the relationship: "If you want the position / These are my terms and conditions," it says, and right at the beginning of the song: "If you want my love / Then let's discuss / The man you're required to be."

The single will also be part of the new album "IRL", which Mahalia will present live in November. Mahalia already revealed the following about the album: "The album is an honest reflection on the personal journeys I've been on and a celebration of everyone who got me there. There are names and family members I mention because they all helped make me who I am. I'm so proud of this project and how much I challenged myself to just let these stories out."