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Immerse yourself in an evening of improvised Jazz and captivating electronic beats as Magro, Igor, and Uri Gincel come together on stage. This talented trio will showcase their artistry, seamlessly blending styles and creating a unique musical experience.

On bass and synth is Igor Osypov, standing out with his crunchy, slightly distorted sound, who has become one of the distinct voices in Jazz as well as in Indie-Rock and Fusion. He can be heard in his solo project as well as with Logan Richardson, Nasheet Waits, Tech N9ne and others.

On drums is Magro who is known for his flashy beats and his modern sound aesthetics. Last year he has won the “German Jazz Prize” for his debut album “Trippin”. Besides his solo project, he has collaborated with numerous artists as a drummer and producer, including Kenny Wesley, Stimulus, Big Yuki and Kurt Rosenwinkel.

Uri Gincel in keys draws from wealth of sounds, styles and cultures of both his homebase Berlin and his world travels to create his very own fluent and distinct musical narrative.

Mentored by the late, great Arnie Lawrence (founder of “New school” NY), and a recipient of the prestigious “America-Israel cultural foundation” prize, Gincel has recorded and toured the world with projects and musicians such as Kurt Rosenwinkel, “Bonaparte”, Ronnie Burrage and many others.

  • Uri Gincel – Keys, Synth
  • Igor Osypov – Bass, Synth
  • Magro – Drums
Free entry – it is suggested to give some money if you like the band.

Note: The Peppi is a smoking bar. Admission from 18 years.

Live on YouTube