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Rock'n'Magic Mystery Show Provocative. Creepy. Unbelievable. Spontaneous. Funny. Magical. The magicians are back! Since 2017, Christopher Köhler's successful concept has been on the road on the stages of Germany and is now coming to your area in the fourth edition! But this time everything is different: As soon as you enter the theater hall, it quickly becomes clear to the audience: this is no 08/15 magic show, but a very unusual magic & mystery show with a clear edge.


Experience eerie and extreme stage acts that you have never seen before and for good reasons are only performed by very few performers worldwide. From provocative to outrageous, anything is possible in this show! Get ready for a roller coaster ride of midnight magic and spooky entertainment art - in the tradition of American freak and sideshows. The two artists Christopher Köhler and Lars Ruth present their audience with thrills, mystery, creepiness and eerie magic on stages all over the nation.

The enfants terribles of the German magic scene will show you how the border between reality and illusion merge, how ghosts manifest themselves on stage and how thoughts are read in incredible ways. The two exceptional artists interactively involve the audience in the show and guarantee goosebumps and shock moments that you will never want to forget.

Welcome to the Freakshow!

DIE MAGIER-FREAKS are: CHRISTOPHER KÖHLER is "THE BAD BOY "The "Bad Boy of Magic" is the founder of DIE MAGIER. Christopher Köhler mixes the boundaries between magic and reality. What seems to be merely an illusion can actually turn out to be a harsh reality. His show is definitely not for the faint of heart! Tricks, stunts and funny interactions with the audience alternate at high speed. Köhler shows that rock'n'roll definitely goes with magic. Get ready for an evening that will leave you with many questions: Did he really do that? And above all: WHY did he do that? Just "Rock'n'Magic"! LARS RUTH is "THE GHOSTHUNTER". In a world increasingly dominated by reason and rationality, Lars Ruth allows himself and his audience to see and experience miracles.

Lars Ruth, the Ghosthunter, teaches his audience to discover hidden and half-forgotten abilities that some people call supernatural in themselves. He is one of the few people who prefer the illusions of dreams to the illusions of the tangible world. The stage is Lars Ruth's natural habitat, he is the creator of new realities and collector of magical artifacts. Packed in fascinating theatrical experiences, he leads those who are willing through his personal rabbit hole to discover their own hidden abilities and wonders.

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Die Wühlmäuse
Die Wühlmäuse