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A tribute to the power of image and music

Barrie Kosky’s The Magic Flute transports us into its own world of fantasy images. Tamino falls in love with a portrait of Pamina and sets out to rescue her. With threatening dragons, charming pink elephants, dancing constellations, and flying butterfly boys, The Magic Flute is like a magical road movie on the way to true love.

The Magic Flute offers more riddles and questions than answers. It’s not for nothing that this beloved opera’s titular heroine is a musical instrument: in addressing the essentials of human experience, before which both logic and reason must capitulate, only music can ultimately find the right language.

Here, the British theatre troupe 1927 and Barrie Kosky use projected animations to retell Mozart’s classic as a living picture book, in a ‘deliciously absurd mix of silent film and cartoon’ [BERLINER MORGENPOST].

  • 2 hr 45 min incl. intermission

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Additional information
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartGrand opera in two acts [1791]Libretto by Emanuel Schikaneder

Koproduktion mit der Deutschen Oper am Rhein
Participating artists
Paul Barritt (Animation)
Esther Bialas (Bühnenbild und Kostüme)
David Cavelius (Chöre)
Alevtina Ioffe (Musikalische Leitung)
Barrie Kosky (Inszenierung)
Diego Leetz (Licht)
Ulrich Lenz (Dramaturgie)
Erina Yashima (Musikalische Leitung)
Penny Sofroniadou (Pamina)
Nadja Mchantaf (Pamina)
Caspar Singh (Tamino)
Tansel Akzeybek (Tamino)
Gloria Rehm (Königin der Nacht)
Antonina Vesenina (Königin der Nacht)
Alina Wunderlin (Königin der Nacht)
Tijl Faveyts (Sarastro)
Alexander Köpeczi (Sarastro)
Jens Larsen (Sarastro)
Tom Erik Lie (Papageno)
Hubert Zapiór (Papageno)
Philipp Meierhöfer (Papageno)
Josefine Mindus (Papagena)
Julia Schaffenrath (Papagena)
Ivan Turšić (Monostatos)
Ferdinand Keller (Monostatos)
Mirka Wagner (Erste Dame)
Penny Sofroniadou (Erste Dame)
Karolina Gumos (Zweite Dame)
Susan Zarrabi (Zweite Dame)
Elisabeth Wrede (Zweite Dame)
Deniz Uzun (Dritte Dame)
Caren van Oijen (Dritte Dame)
Elisabeth Wrede (Dritte Dame)
Christoph Späth (Erster Geharnischter)
Johannes Dunz (Erster Geharnischter)
Carsten Sabrowski (Zweiter Geharnischter)
Ferhat Baday (Zweiter Geharnischter)
Solisten des Tölzer Knabenchores (Drei Knaben)
Chorsolisten der Komischen Oper Berlin (Chor)