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Songs by Debussy and Messiaen

At the age of ten, Olivier Messiaen received a score of Debussy’s Pelléas et Mélisande as a gift from his piano teacher—an event, as he later recalled, that had a major influence on his choice of profession.

Magdalena Kožená, acclaimed for her performances of the role of Mélisande, is joined by Mitsuko Uchida to present a selection of songs by the two great French composers, including settings of Baudelaire and Verlaine as well as the cycle Poèmes pour Mi, Messiaen’s musical love letter to his first wife Claire Delbos, known as “Mi.”

Claude Debussy - Chansons de BilitisClaude Debussy - Cinq poèmes de Baudelaire *** - ***Claude Debussy - Ariettes oubliéesOlivier Messiaen - Poèmes pour Mi (Book II)

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