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Album Release „Twelve Against Many“

Album Release "Twelve Against Many" (Trouble In The East Records).

"Their music results from conversation, from subtle listening, from mutual respect, from the sparking ping-pong of their ideas meeting in a live atmosphere that couldn't be more inspiring. Their music needs no categorisation, no labelling - it's just fun and wonderful and insanely good." (Rainer Bratfisch 2022)

Set 1: Madness & Arrogance
  • Gerhard Gschlößl - trombone, tuba
  • Marc Schmolling - fender rhodes piano
Set 2: Nebbia/ Borges
  • Camila Nebbia - sax.
  • Sofia Borges - drums
Sofia Borges e Camila Nebbia are two of the most inventive voices in the current exploratory music scene, often invited to join projects led by the most prominent international musicians. Both, multidisciplinary artists, have stood out for their unique way of inventing personal and unexpected sonic spaces as solo artists and in the projects in which they participate.As a duo, the composers and improvisers, Borges and Nebbia, transcend traditional boundaries by collaboratively forging an innovative realm of musical exploration. In their music, they cultivate a distinctive and captivating space that seamlessly melds improvisation and composition, granting them unparalleled artistic freedom. Their work is a fresh, soulful and fiercefull perspective on the interplay between structure and spontaneity.
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Participating artists
Marc Schmolling
Gerhard Gschlößl
Camila Nebbia
Sofia Borges