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Overnight, Europe has once again moved to the center of world events. The EU's eastern external border once again marks a civilizational frontier. Here some of the richest, happiest and most egalitarian countries in the world, there a poor, unhappy, despotic and imperialistic country invading a neighboring state with tanks. In the short term, the Russian attack seems to unite Europe.

Deutsches Theater Außenansicht
Deutsches Theater Außenansicht © Arno Declair

But what are the medium- and long-term consequences of Russian aggression, reminiscent of the wars of conquest of the 19th century?

An event by Europe United Society

(Program in German)

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Talk with: Adolf Muschg (writer, Zurich) and Wolfgang Schäuble (member of the German Bundestag, Berlin)Moderation: Helene Bubrowski (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung)
Deutsches Theater Berlin - Saal