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Two sets - Butoh dance and music and an algorithmic composition - are on the evening's programme.

Set 1: Butoh Dance & Music
  • Yuko Kaseki: Butoh Dance 
  • Tatjana Bielke: Singing Saw 
  • Shiomi Kawaguchi: Shamisen 
  • Fumio Okura: Violin
  • Wolfgang Schwabe: Qin

Yuko Kaseki is a director, choreographer, teacher and Butoh dancer who has lived in Berlin long and short enough. She has been searching for a way to penetrate the space between physical and spiritual expression. Collaborations have been taking place in numerous international projects with performers and musicians such as Antonis Anissegos, Kriton Beyer, Audrey Chen, Contagious, Kirikoo Des, Axel Dörner, Echo Ho, Emilio Gordoa...

Set 2: Lucio Tasca Composition
Presto, Prestissimo, Prestissimissimo is an algorithmic composition in which a code that automatically generates sine waves according to specific instructions I give. I explored the simultaneous use of several related overtones series which creates quasi-tonal polyphonies. I also noticed that narrowing the frequency range of the sine-waves would draw my attention to different kinds of repeating melodic patterns, and to independent voices (e.g. movements in the bass note, melodies popping out in the highest notes, arpeggios/ cascades in the middle register etc.). The piece develops by very subtle , sometimes almost unnoticeable changes in register, which alter slightly these details that emerge in the different voices. The intricate nature of the musical material should offer to the ear different paths to navigate through the piece.