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What drives the will to change, the desire for community, for anything? How does this desire become political? Or has he always been that way? Jules Gleeson and Luce deLire invite you to a conversation about transformations, transitions, transitions, upheavals and the forces that drive them. Included are Spinoza, Schopenhauer, decolonization, transsexuality and the inevitable question: Is there life on Marx?

More specifically: A confused feeling has gripped politics: something is wrong in the world. Currently, the feeling is most strongly articulated in a neo-fascist aggression against “the system”. Where does the drive to change come from? Why does it often turn into neo-colonial fantasies or left-wing self-hatred? Are aggression and exploitation all that remains as a political option? Can desire be mindful rather than appropriate?

Why is it that ghost stories of mass dispossession and left-wing extremism seem to dominate media coverage of left-wing politics? A little light should be shed on this desire in an informal setting. And with a little luck, “communism” turns out to be less of a ghost than truly undead.

Mixed language: German/English, no translation
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Jules Joanne Gleeson is a queer historian and Londoner, based in Vienna. Her current research is focused on the exclusion of eunuchs from the Byzantine-era monasteries of Mount Athos. She’s written for publications including VICE, the Verso Books Blog, Pluto Press, Identities Journal, and Viewpoint Magazine. Mit

Elle O'Rourke hat Jules den für eine neue trans*marxistische Diskussion wegweisenden Sammelband "Transgender Marxism" (Pluto Press 2021) herausgegeben.

Luce deLire is a philosopher, performance artist, editor and musician. She received her PhD in philosophy from Johns Hopkins University (JHU) in 2023 for a thesis titled “Spinoza’s Metaphysics of Infinity”. In 2023, she edited a volume titled “Trans Perspectives” for art journal Texte Zur Kunst, which features texts by trans writers on aesthetics exclusively – a first for a German art publication.

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