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Summer Edition of the Lithuanian Film Festival

Lithuanian cinema goes Berlin: Open-air cinema with the Lithuanian audience favorite THE POET (Poetas) by Giedrius Tamoševičius & Vytautas V. Landsbergis.

On July 21st, LITAUISCHES KINO GOES BERLIN will present its summer edition as a preview of the 13th edition of the festival, which will take place from November 10th to 12th this year. The Lithuanian feature film The Poet (Poetas) by Giedrius Tamoševičius & Vytautas V. Landsbergis will be shown at the INSEL @ Atelier Gardens open-air cinema.

In the original version with English subtitles (OmeU).


A new teacher comes to a remote village school in 1947. The famous journalist and respected poet was demoted for illegal publications and banned anti-Soviet verses. Distrustful residents still prefer to test his loyalty, while children willingly recite his verses from To My Soviet Fatherland, written under pressure to denigrate Uncle Lenin. Finally, an unforgotten friend shows him a secret, wintry way to the underground bunker of the Dainava resistance train.

"The Poet" won the Best Baltic Feature Film award at the PÖFF Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival 2022.