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Live at Kantine am Berghain

A benefit concert for Musicians Defend Ukraine will take place at Kantine am Berghain on 27 July. All proceeds from the event will go directly to charity funds to support the musicians defending Ukraine from the Russian invasion.

The musicians:

Love'n'Joy (Kiev)

On tour despite war in their own country: Even though the circumstances could hardly be more absurd at the moment, Love'N'Joy from Kiev are on an endless tour through Europe and beyond.

In doing so, they are not only escaping the war, but also collecting donations for their campaign "Musicians Defend Ukraine", which provides humanitarian aid to musicians currently active in Ukraine's defence. Every concert is therefore also a fundraiser in support of all musicians who currently cannot enjoy the privilege of leaving the country to provide aid in their homeland.

Love'n'Joy is one of the most successful Ukrainian indie rock bands. Their sound is influenced by Brit-pop, 60s and 70s psychedelia and elements of indie rock. A lot of heavy guitars give their sound a rough edge, and the strong, contemporary lyrics reflect the spirit of a new, resurgent Ukrainian culture.

Chillera (Odessa)

Chillerа is a project founded by Anastasiia Marykutsa, Hanna Bryzhata and Polina Matskevych as an instrumental trio.

The project idea: to find ways of communication between the participants by synthesising different musical structures and directions with the help of acoustic instruments.
It came about as an attempt to combine two dimensions in one composition: the rhythm of the dub bass and the surf guitar.

The Dharma Chain (Berlin)

The Dharma Chain are a 6-piece psychedelic rock'n'roll band from Byron Bay, Australia, who have recently relocated to Berlin, Germany. They will be releasing a new album in 2023.

For more information on Musicians Defend Ukraine, click here.

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Doors: 7pm