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Love is Enough. Part 1 - The Core of Love, is the first part of a polyphonic performance anthology (born in Finland), where a number of (nordic) artists through their artistic process have examined the postulate Love is Enough.

The anthology is intitiated by Andriana Seecker.

In her Solo Andriana Seecker explores how emotions and states of being like pain, desire, sadness, anger, fear and hope are perceived in the body and how they influence our corporality and transforms these experiences and emotions into an embodied canvas on stage.

Within the bodylandscape all aspects of love are experienced in the wildest colors.

She wishes to work herself through why she insists on Love being Enough. Always.

"My idea with this postulate was not only to create alone standing performances in a common way together with other artists. Or about my own artistic insisting of Love being Enough. Its about giving space to the variety of all our different approaches and experiences with Love.

Its about listening and sharing with each other and by this creating a possible meeting.
Additional information
Besetzung/Cast/Credits: Choreography / Dance / Idea / Concept: Andriana Seecker (DE). Co-Director / Concept / Dramaturgy: Herman Nyby (FI). Set- Design /Costume: Andriana Seecker, Herman Nyby. Artistic Assistent: Iremlin Rode (DK). Light Design: Lya Lyndsager. Text: Edith Södergran.

Funded by: Svenska Kulturfonden (FI), Opstart (Nordic Culture Fond), Fonds Darstellende Künste (DE)

Thanks to: Irmelin Rode, Charlotte Munksgaard, Birgitte Prins, Michael Schack, Karen Bue, Amalie Aunsbjerg Jørgensen, Karl Jessen, Fabrik Potsdam, Waschhaus Potsdam