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The exhibition presents the Pankow-based artist on the occasion of his 85th birthday and shows works from his entire creative process. Lothar Böhme, born in 1938, belonged to the core of the so-called "Berlin School", a circle of artist friends in East Berlin who had come together in the late 1960s.

Lothar Böhme's artistic work has been described in the past as a search for an archetype. His painting is characterized by concentration on a limited range of motifs - nude, still life, head. In constant questioning of his motifs, his pictorial figures become abstract signs of human existence in the painting process.

Due to the abstraction, the focus is not on the individuality of the person portrayed, nor does the situation play a role in Böhme's compositions. The bodies, reduced to the essentials, do not tell a story, it is about the painting process and artistic seeing. Böhme sees the repetition of a motif as self-discovery and self-assertion. Slight changes give the idea of the picture a new intensity with each depiction. In addition to the dominant figure, tension is created by the coloring and the brushwork. The painting process behind it is spontaneous. Ink and India ink drip across the leaves. Oil paints are layered on top of each other with rough brush strokes. Sculptural, almost plastic bodies are created.

Lothar Böhme's works are in private and public collections, including the National Gallery in Berlin, the Lindenau Museum in Altenburg and the Otto Dix House in Gera. He was awarded the Käthe Kollwitz Prize of the Berlin Academy of Arts (1992), the Fred Thieler Prize for Painting (1994), the Gerhard Altenbourg Prize (2006) and is a member of the Academy of Arts, Berlin.

A catalog of the works on paper with a text by Matthias Flügge and a conversation with Annette Tietz will accompany the exhibition.


Thursday, July 27, 2023, 7 p.m. – Artist Talk
Matthias Flügge (art historian) in conversation with Lothar Böhme

Every Wednesday at 6 p.m
Guided tour of the exhibition
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