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Europe Tour 2023

When you hear the song "Wellerman", you think of lots of musicians and bands, lots of TikTok and Insta Reels, but who the original Wellermans are who started the viral hype in 2021, few know.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: The Longest Johns
© Joe Marino

THE LONGEST JOHNS from Bristol have been singing shanties and folk songs together for years.
It's not the direct and easy route to fame for most bands, but something about their songs' stories, captivating harmonies and exuberant live shows has made them one of the must-see acts wherever the 4 Brits have been.

In just a few years they have gone from 'singing sea shanties in a kitchen', to a record deal with Decca Records and appearances at major festivals as well as TV appearances.

Now THE LONGEST JOHNS are coming to Germany.

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