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Armin and Bernd arrange their first date online. Still cautious, but excited and full of expectations, they stand opposite each other at the train station. Whether all their hopes and desires for closeness, intensity and a connection that leaves all boundaries behind actually fit together?

What are you willing to give up for the perfect counterpart? What parts of yourself are you willing to sacrifice? Is there a feeling of perfection? A story about deep longing, the need for love and the question: can you desire someone too much?

  • Direction and dramaturgy: Lasse Boje Haye Weber
  • Set design: Annalou Meyer
  • Director and production assistant: Maike Vennemann
  • With: Marlon Frank, Moritz Tostmann, Lasse Boje Haye Weber

With the kind support of the Association of Friends of the Acting Course at the UdK Berlin

Please note: The performance features scenes of extreme physical violence and uses strobe effects.

(Program in German)
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