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Once a month, poetry and science come together at the Humboldt Lab. In the Logoskop‘s seventh edition, the renowned spoken-word poets Eva Matz and Hinnerk Köhn will explore the exhibition ‚After Nature‘ with live performances of their work. Visitors are invited to join them on their tour of eloquence.

Curated by Bas Böttcher

Eva Matz is regarded as one of the political voices of the poetry slam scene. Her poetry is unsparing and deals with topics that concern everyone, she asks important questions and points out grievances. Her CV is a pyre of social values and could not be more colourful: After travelling widely and playing street music, she was forced into self-employment in 2017 – partly because she was kicked out of her law degree. Since then, she has been a full-time spoken word artist, slam poet and author, theatre and film maker, presenter and musician, workshop leader, event organiser and volunteer. Her acting credits include the role of Annika in the Christmas fairy tale Pippi Longstocking. Her main activity consists of performing her own texts and commissioned texts at poetry slams and spoken word events, leading workshops and working on theatre projects. She has also been performing as a duo with her colleague Simeon Buß as “Team uff” since 2023. They were runners-up at the Poetry Slam Championships for Lower Saxony and Bremen this year.

Hinnerk Köhn is an author and comedian and was born in Eckernförde in 1993. He has been performing on stage since 2012 – mainly with tragicomic stories. In his programme “Bitter”, he tells humorous stories about his youth in northern Germany, alcohol abuse and life as a twenty-something in the big city. He has been part of the “Bewegung Osterstraße” collective since 2018. He lives and works in Hamburg.

- Free of charge
- Book your ticket in advance online or at the box office in the Foyer.
- Once a month wednesdays 6-7:30 pm
- Duration: 90 min
- 14 years and older
- German Humboldt Lab, 1st floor
- 25 persons

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