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Poetry and Science

Once a month, poetry and science come together at the Humboldt Lab. In the Logoskop‘s eightteenth edition, the renowned spoken-word poets Kaleb Erdmann and Aron Boks will explore the exhibition ‚After Nature‘ with live performances of their work. Visitors are invited to join them on their tour of eloquence.

Curated by Bas Böttcher

Meral Ziegler is an author, presenter and art scholar. She writes for herself, the stage, TV and feature film formats (KiKa, ARD, WDR). Her work has been awarded several grants and prizes, including her second book “CON TEXT”, which was shortlisted for the NRW Förderpreis in 2022. Ziegler hosts the Swiss literary talk show “WORTFETZEN” and works as an art scholar for various renowned institutions, including the Museum Kunstpalast in Düsseldorf.
In 2023, Ziegler received special funding from the German Literature Fund and supported the cultural programme at the Goethe Institute San Francisco for three months as a curatorial assistant intern. Central tasks included, for example, the realisation of the film festival “Berlin&Beyond” and support for the cooperation project between technology inventors and artists in Silicon Valley “C/Change”.
Ziegler completed her B.A. in literature, art and media studies in Konstanz and Vienna and is currently finishing her M.A. in art education and cultural management in Düsseldorf.

Andy Strauß is an expert at experimenting, a lover of failure and always happy to be an inexperienced beginner in new things. His path meanders somewhere between poetry, dance, techno, anarchy and the absurd in unexpected alleys. Gladly on the road on uneven paths, yet peculiarly entertaining and cuddly.

- Free admission
- Language: German
- from 14 years
- Venue: Humboldt Lab, 1st floor

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