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Immerse yourself in the interactive miniature city of Little BIG City Berlin.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Little BIG City
© Promo: Little BIG City

Be among the first visitors to Berlin's newest attraction and experience the history of Berlin from summer 2017 – brought to life by impressive 3D models. Enjoy captivating special effects and projections that tell fascinating stories – both big and small – from different eras.

Begin in Berlin of the Middle Ages. Then experience the pioneering innovations of the Industrial Revolution through to the glamor and decadence of the Golden Twenties during the Weimar Republic. Witness the burning of the Reichstag and the end of democracy in Germany in 1933. Follow the reconstruction of Berlin after the Second World War and learn about the Raisin Bombers who dropped vital cargo into Berlin during the Berlin Blockade. See how the building of the Berlin Wall influenced both the cityscape and also day-to-day life in the now divided city.

Be part of the story yourself, help tear down the wall and feel the euphoria of reunification. At the end of your travels enjoy a far-reaching view of the fascinating skyline of today's modern Berlin.

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