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International event series "History in Conflict. 1944 - A year between the fronts"

In the course of 1944, the Germans were forced to withdraw from Lithuania, which they had occupied in the summer of 1941. The Soviet Union, which had annexed Lithuania on the basis of the Hitler-Stalin Pact in 1940 and had been driven out of the country in 1941, now occupied Lithuania for the second time.

What did the military events of 1944 mean for different groups in Lithuania? How did the Lithuanian, Polish and Jewish populations react?

In his keynote speech, Dr. Christoph Dieckmann will outline the complicated situation in Lithuania in the course of 1944, before and after the German withdrawal. In the subsequent discussion with Dr. Gintarė Malinauskaitė, moderated by Dr. Babette Quinkert, questions of history and remembrance that are still relevant today will be discussed.

with Dr. Christoph Dieckmann (Frankfurt/Main, University of Haifa)

and Dr. Gintarė Malinauskaitė (German Historical Institute Warsaw/Vilnius Branch)

(On the evening of the event, the museum will be open until the event begins at 7 p.m.)
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