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Book premiere: "End of times: Politics without a model, society in danger". Harald Welzer in conversation with Vivian Perkovic

Declining turnout, people leaving the church, falling TV ratings and newspaper circulation: Many people no longer feel addressed by the offers made to them by the political and media public in Germany. At the same time, multiple crises and increasingly broken services of general interest - rail transport, schools, administration - increase the stress of the citizens.

Now the legacy of four decades of neoliberal mismanagement of the state is becoming recognizable as the erosion of the material and mental infrastructure. Where police officers, doctors, rescue workers or train attendants are attacked, the rituals of politics only come across as cynical.
When children no longer get proper education, swimming pools and hospitals close, and public spaces become neglected, there is growing disappointment with policies that lose sight of their constituents.
Especially when a key task like the fight against climate change is not managed.

Instead, the government is fighting yesterday's positions against each other, simulating concepts in endless summit meetings and compensating for the existing lack of ideas with an excess of moralism. All of this is supported by a media system that is more interested in the show value of politics than in the success of society.

A book about the negligence and arrogance of a political and media class that seems indifferent to the dangerously widening distance between the citizenry and federal politics and that has long since lost touch with the social reality in the country.

(Program in German)

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dem S. Fischer Verlag und der Thalia Buchhandlung
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