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Herfried Münkler in conversation with Lars Klingbeil

At least since the withdrawal of Western troops from Afghanistan and the Russian attack on Ukraine, we have known that the order in force up to now has come to an end. The world is in turmoil. But how will it rearrange itself and what will it look like in the 21st century? What upheavals, breaks and upheavals are we facing?

Imposing a world order based on values and norms is beyond the capabilities of the West. The USA, once «world policeman», is in retreat despite international commitments; the UN, which was also intended to play this role, is blocking itself. And the Europeans are simply unable to protect a world order. A precarious, risky situation.

In this thought-provoking geopolitical analysis, Herfried Münkler shows where the lines of conflict will be in the future. There is much to suggest that a new system of regional zones of influence is emerging, dominated by five great powers. Where are the dangers of this new order, what are the chances? Would it be a balanced balance of power – or chaos? And how should Europe and Germany behave in the expected global conflicts? An exciting, benchmark-setting look at the constellations of power in the 21st century.

(Program in German)

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dem Rowohlt Berlin Verlag und der Thalia Buchhandlung
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Herfried Münkler (Autor/in)
Lars Klingbeil