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A Completely Improvised Broadway-Style Musical | Comedy in English

Heads up, Berlin! You’re about to be dazzled by a night of musical comedy you won’t soon forget!

Before they launch a two-week run at the world’s most prestigious comedy festival, Edinburgh Fringe, Kaleidoscope is bringing their musical comedy show, “Lights Up!” to one of Berlin’s coolest independent theatres right in the heart of Friedrichshain.

Now’s your chance to grab front-row seats and join Kaleidoscope on a non-stop joyride of heavenly harmonies, mind-bending freestyle raps, and unforgettable characters in action-packed stories - all of it made up ON THE SPOT from YOUR suggestions.

Our singing heroes have gone head to head with rampaging land sharks, challenged love-lorn pirates to dance-offs on the high seas, and put an end to Corporate Greed using Corporate Weed!

What their next adventure will be is completely up to YOU in this tour-de-force of musical talent and comedic storytelling that’ll make you wish you could stop laughing long enough to sing along!

Come be a part of the show that audiences are calling, “another level,” “riotously funny, incredibly clever,” and “pure magic on stage.”

(Program in English)

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