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Equal rights for unequal people - worldwide!

In addition to parties, music and shows, there are information booths and political talks at the Lesbian and Gay City Festival: The organizers plead for equal coexistence.

Das Lesbisch-schwule Stadtfest, Eisenacher Ecke Fuggerstraße mit Ballons
Das Lesbisch-schwule Stadtfest, Eisenacher Ecke Fuggerstraße mit Ballons © Brigitte Dummer

The LGBT* event, which many also know as Motzstraßenfest, is divided into six main themes, the Stadtfestwelten: Film World, Radio World, Sports World, Politics World, Positivity World, and Wellness and Health World. Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transident projects, associations and organizations inform at booths about the different topics.

In addition, there is a colorful program at the Motzstraßenfest: national and international bands perform on a total of six main stages, and there are shows and talks. A particularly popular program item for years has been the talk show by Gerhard Hoffmann: "Das wilde Sofa".

The Motzstraßenfest this year
This year the festival of the LGBT* community will take place again. Traditionally held on the weekend before Berlin's Christopher Street Day, this two-day event attracts a large international crowd to officially kick off the gay scene's party season in Berlin. With music, shows, information booths as well as food and drinks, the event is not only a celebration, but also a protest against exclusion of any kind. Discrimination and racism have at the lesbian-gay city festival also this year expressly no place.

The event starts on both days in each case at 11 o'clock and goes into the late evening hours. The entrance is free as always.

The Lesbian-Gay City Festival: A Berlin Institution since 1993

Since 1993, the Regenbogenfonds e. V. has been organizing the Motzstraßenfest, which is now the largest homosexual street festival in Europe. In addition to the party, however, the festival has always made political statements. For example, every year politicians are invited to talk, and the mayor of Berlin writes a greeting.

In addition, on Thursdays before the festival, the rainbow flag is hoisted in front of Schöneberg City Hall. The festival thus also wants to take a stand and pleads for equality.

Party, Talks and Good Humor

The Motzstraßenfest is a meeting place for the "Regebogen" scene. But also for everyone else who is in the mood for a colorful happy street festival, this diverse event around Nollendorfplatz is a nice and peaceful experience. With live music from international and national bands, shows, talks, delicious drinks and food, they spend an exciting weekend full of tolerance here.
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