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The second exhibition in the 2022 cycle shows the work of the German-French sculptor Philipp Röcker. The graduate of the Düsseldorf Art Academy lives and works in Bordeaux and Düsseldorf.

Fassade vom Institut francais
Fassade vom Institut francais © visitBerlin, Foto Thomas Kierok

While the sculptor originally hews the stone, Philipp Röcker rather lets it emerge. By questioning the notion of absence and the materiality of gesture, his monochrome works, worked in the studio, reveal the sensitive properties of raw materials used in construction, such as plaster, concrete, clay, bronze or wood. Using materials sparingly, his mineral sculptures, as imposing as they are inconspicuous, evoke both elemental forms and rock deposits. In his work, Philipp Röcker deals with the impact of man on matter, indirectly exploring unevenness, breaches and fissures. His works, guided by instinct and freed from any technical perfection, offer the viewer a form of devotion reminiscent of both cave forms and contemporary geologies.

For the exhibition Sentimental building, the artist presents for the first time a series of bronze works in different sizes and shapes, reflecting the careful and attentive use of materials. He achieves this in various stages that involve transforming the ephemeral into the imperishable. For example, he draws shapes in the sand with his finger, which are first cast in wax and then in bronze. Each exhibit requires the viewer's special attention - whether lying on the floor or leaning against the wall - to appreciate the gentle irregularities as well as the fragility of a sturdy material.

The raised vitrines direct the eye to a multitude of works that, depending on their combination, form a repertoire of different shapes - a letter, a volume, a cast. The artist combines his emotive works with Paleolithic works, most of which are still enigmatic today. He thus offers the opportunity to become a sculptor himself, contrasting the sublime bronze with the simple gesture.
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