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With charm and coolness, neo-crooner Lenard Streicher sings unforgettable classics such as “That's Amore”, “Everybody loves somebody sometimes”, “King of the road”, “Sway” and “Volare”.

Lenard Streicher's Dean Martin Show

The Berlin entertainer interprets the songs of his great role model for perfect live entertainment in his own way and does so with the necessary amount of irony and a wink. Of course, the audience is included in the action when Lenard Streicher, accompanied by the stylish jazz trio Trio, pulls out all the stops: singing, dancing, conference, slapstick - he changes genres with ease.

So no eye stays dry, no leg stays still, no glass stays empty when it says:


  • Lenard string vocals, conference
  • Oliver Lepinat piano
  • Malte Tönißen double bass
  • Florian Achatzy drums, percussion

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