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Public tour in German language

What was everyday life like in a medieval village in our region around the year 1200? Follow us on a path through the settlement to the time of Berlin's origin and gain insight into the life of that era, as it can be reconstructed on the basis of original finds on site.

You will get to know the tools and handicraft techniques of that time and also lend a hand yourself. Finally, you can roast stick bread at the campfire (2,00 Euro). If there is a danger of forest fire, we offer historical games for people of all ages instead.

every Sat + Sun | 12.30 p.m. (during the season)

Embark on a voyage of discovery into rural life at the time Berlin was formed during this guided tour.

Advance ticket sales via our ticket store. Depending on availability, you can also purchase your ticket online or on site.

Please note: Please observe the applicable hygiene regulations.

(Program in German)
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Price: €5.00

Reduced price: €3.00