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Lorenz Leander Haas

The Passion of the Holy Virgins Agape, Chionia and Irene. Three sisters against the state, a legend of a saint. Agape, Chionia and Irene refuse to sacrifice to the Roman rulers. They laugh in the face of the violent fantasies and assaults of the men. This costs them their lives at the time of the Diocletian persecution of Christians. Or not. Because with their virginity as a weapon and the god out of the machine, they go unharmed into eternal life.

Three actresses slip into the roles of immaterial girls, who have fallen back in time with the question of abuse of power, religion and women's community.

Against the monastic backdrop of the 10th century, Roswitha von Gandersheim opens the portal to this radically bizarre material. She is the first recorded playwright in Western history. In her plays, strong and eloquent heroes respond to the taciturn and violent female characters of their role model Terence, a Roman comedy writer. So what do you expect? LOUD ROAR FROM GANDERSHEIM!

  • Playing: Doris Gruner, Nélida Martinez, Isabeau Leboucher
  • Director: Lorenz Leander Haas
  • Dramaturgy: Mona Schlatter
  • Video and sound: Janic Bebi
  • Costume: Liliana Blum
After Roswitha von Gandersheim

Summer project / 2nd year directing
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