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A Psycho Thriller

This English psycho thriller fulfils all the expectations that crime fiction fans might have of a suspenseful evening: watching the web slowly tighten, a career in jeopardy, an unexpected twist at the end.... What if the past catches up with us just when we least expect it?

KEY VISUAL THEATER Ein später Gast - Ein psychologischer Thriller
KEY VISUAL THEATER Ein später Gast - Ein psychologischer Thriller © Agentur Stützinger

Julia and Hugh have just brought their party guests to the door and are looking forward to a cosy evening for two. They feel like they've just fallen in love, and not at all like they've just celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary. Then the doorbell rings. A stranger gains access to their living room. Julia and Hugh are shocked, wavering between aggression and fear: Who is he? And what does he want?

In the course of the conversation, it turns out that Hugh was acquainted with the man's son. But the son is dead. The conversation turns more and more into an interrogation. The situation becomes more and more threatening. What does the late guest want to get at?

Three seasoned actors rock this thriller. All three have already appeared in countless roles and productions. Luca Schaub was a member of the Berliner Ensemble.Eugenia Winckler was on stage at the Friedrichstadtpalast and is an ensemble member of the Theater Sommer Rehberge. Marcus Jürgen Zollfrank was a permanent member of various houses such as the Landesbühne Oberfranken, the Theater Salz und Pfeffers and played all over the world theater. He is directed by Roman Shamov, who has worked as an actor and artist in various productions throughout Europe. He is currently touring Germany with his autobiographical reading "Krawall in mir".

(Program in German)

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Participating artists
Derek Benfield (Autor)
Ursula Lyn (Deutsch von)
Luca Schaub (Hugh Nicholls)
Roman Shamov (Regie)
Eugenia Winckler (Julia Nicholls)
Marcus Jürgen Zollfrank (Roger Braithwaite)
Marcus Jürgen Zollfrank (Bühne & Kostüm)
Theater im Delphi
Theater im Delphi
Theater im Delphi