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The time has expired.The last chance passed.Mankind's last hour has struck.Now it's here - the Intergalactic Planetary Elimination Service.

The boozy funeral feast in honor of your beloved home planet Earth will not be too depressing, because: The apocalypse is presented in small bites that are easy to digest.Welcome to THE LAST SHOW ON EARTH!

The best currently available alien ensemble of the Intergalactic Planetary Elimination Service (IPES for short) sings one last song to the Eartlings - in strange moods and melancholic minds, between the dawn of humanity and the end of a friendship.

Wet eyes and sweaty hands are inevitable. Swaying to our interpretations of the most relevant earthly songs. As long as you can.

The IPES explores Johann Sebastian and Miley, pays acoustic visits to burning forests and cuddles the creature with the three blue eyes. One hand on the cello and some tentacles on the DJ desk, the ensemble whizzes glittering through the sky for you.

THE LAST SHOW ON EARTH! is as beautiful as a sunrise and as terrible as the encores at an open stage on Elon Musk's final Mars mission.The trees are dead, you will soon be - until then: Cheers!

"Quietsch & Vergnügt" takes musical theater off its pedestal and puts it next to the old record collection in the toy corner. Since its founding in Leipzig in 2021, this has resulted in collage-like, colorful theater evenings that are both presuppositionless and multi-layered, bringing joy even to those who never liked theatre.

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Additional information
A production of Quietsch & Vergnügt. Supported by the Cultural Office of the City of Leipzig, the Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony and the Student Council of the University of Leipzig
Participating artists
Hakim Azmi (Piano)
Anton Fuchs (Arrangements + Spiel)
Anton Fuchs (Künstlerische Leitung + Konzept)
Karoline Günst (Künstlerische Leitung + Konzept)
Karoline Günst (Texte + Spiel)
Sophia Günst (Arrangements + Spiel)
Sophia Günst (Künstlerische Leitung + Konzept)
Estrella Jurado (Kostüm + Bühne)
Gregor Nicolai (Tontechnik)
Mim Schneider (Fotos)
Dorothea Ulrike Wagner (Texte + Produktion)
Dorothea Ulrike Wagner (Künstlerische Leitung + Konzept)