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by Jason Robert Brown

This entertaining chamber musical tells the story of Cathy and Jamie, who fall in love, marry and separate again after five years. In touching and funny songs, the two tell their story, with Jamie starting at the beginning of the relationship, while Cathy looks back from the separation. At the wedding, the accounts come together.

Jason Robert Brown's chamber musical premiered in Chicago in 2001, and the German version premiered in Wuppertal in 2005.

Now, under the direction of Nadine Aßmann, the musical will be premiered for the first time in Berlin at the Theater im Palais. Experience two great voices and musical theater that goes to the heart!

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Additional information
Participating artists
Nadine Aßmann (Regie)
Jason Robert Brown (Komponist/in)
Ira Theofanidis
Andreas Bongard
Damian Omansen
Tobias Joch