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Fritz Lang’s masterpiece with choir

The silent film Metropolis with live choral music?Kwajr from Groningen together with jazz musician Michael Moore will join forces for a special spellbinding performance of the 1927 German film.

Kwajr under the directorship of conductor Merlijn Wackers has chosen choral pieces from six centuries, which match the background atmosphere of the film‘s various scenes. Mozart and Arvo Pärt are to be heard among other lesser-known composers from the past and present. In addition, Michael Moore will improvise on clarinet and alto saxophone.

The filmWith Metropolis, director Fritz Lang was far ahead of his time. It is an early science fiction film featuring utopian, religious and socially critical ideas and spectacular special effects for that period. It was the most expensive film production of that time. To this day, the film has not lost its appeal.

---KwajrKwajr performs choral works from various periods and in different styles. The choir consists of 25 enthusiastic singers and is firmly rooted in the city of Groningen. The concerts are often designed theatrically and held at special locations.

Michael MooreMichael Moore is considered one of the great reed players in the Dutch jazz world. Originally hailed from the USA, he has lived in the Netherlands for years. He is very active at home and abroad, and has released more than thirty CD’s under his own label Ramboy.

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