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Finally, record number five is ready. The atmospheric songs on "Endling" are deeply embedded in Scandinavian tradition and folklore, telling captivating stories of elemental wonder. The album is full of  catchy, straightforward hard rock melodies, shines with surprising instrumentations and goes instrumentation and breaks completely new ground.

Kvelertak sounds bigger and more creative than ever before. In October they come to Berlin with the new songs.

Kvelertak, described by the US metal journal Revolver as "black rock'n'roll party beasts," is unlike any other band in their genre with their three guitars and sweeping harmonies and lyrics written mostly in their native Norwegian. Songs like "Crack of Doom", "Bråtebrann", "Mjød" or "Blodtørst" are modern metal classics, fierce and fun.

The tracks of their new album "Endling", which is expected to be released in early September, are sure to become just as popular - especially live. Because the history of the Norwegians is mainly written on the road.

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