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Exhibition with site-specific works and interventions

Every year, the artists from ENDMORÄNE e.V. open up a different location in Brandenburg and use their art projects to turn abandoned or publicly inaccessible places into temporary sights. The artistic works are developed for the respective context and can only be experienced for a short time.


The theme of this year's exhibition entitled KURZSCHLUSS is energy. As a physical quantity, energy plays a central role. It is used wherever work is done or where light or heat is generated. It is a prerequisite for all processes in nature. Energy is constantly being converted in natural processes and is never lost. In a perpetual cycle of gain and loss, creation and decay, the decline of one always serves the growth of the other.

The artists from ENDMORÄNE approach the topic of energy as an effective force, as a symbol for life, transformation and movement. For three weekends they transform the Finowfurt estate into an exhibition space and trace the energies of the place in their installations, drawings, films, objects, sound works and performances. Through their metaphorical artistic energy, they establish communication with the objects, stones and plants surrounding them and take energetic systems such as mushroom mycelium, moss and lichen as models, use thermal energy in an artistic performance or examine irritation in the energy flow using the example of a short circuit.

Participating artists
Susanne Ahner, Kerstin Baudis, Ka Bomhardt, Gisela Genthner, Masko Iso, Ingrid Kerma, Angela Lubič, Annette Munk, Barbara Müller, Michaela Nasoetion, Dorothea Neumann, Patricia Pisani, Susanne Pittroff, Mariel Poppe (guest), Antje Scholz, Katrin Schmidbauer, Simone Zaugg (guest), Julia Ziegler (guest)

Schlossgut Finowfurt

Today's Schlossgut Finowfurt was built in the middle of the 19th century and extended and enlarged in 1916 by the von Arnim family. From 1954 until the fall of the Wall, its land was farmed as a state-owned estate in Finowfurt (VEG). After a few years of interim use by the community, the building was finally closed in 1998 and then stood empty.

Since 2020, the Finowfurt estate has been brought back to life on a private initiative. A multi-generation quarter is to be created here with communal living and working as well as a mixed use of boutique hotel, gastronomy, event location, farm shop and other initiatives.

In addition to the castle, the site on the Finow Canal has outbuildings such as a barn, stables and bunker as well as two hectares of forest and a pond.

exhibition opening
Saturday, June 24, 2023 at 3 p.m
admission free

• Welcome: Dorothea Neumann, Chairwoman of Endmoräne e.V.
• Words of welcome: Brigitte Faber-Schmidt, Head of the Culture Department at the Ministry of Science, Research and Culture
• Words of welcome: Marc Lorenz, co-owner of Schlossgut Finowfurt
• Introduction: Hanna Krug, art historian

accompanying program

July 1, 2023, 4 p.m.: "Energy, bring me dada!"
Performance by Elke Postler

Regular guided tours take place during opening hours.
Additional information
Summer workshop: June 12 to June 23, 2023

Exhibition by Endmoräne e.V

Exhibition opening: June 24, 2023

The exhibition will be open three weekends: June 24-25 and July 1-2 and July 8-9, 12-6pm each day.