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The "Blue Peace Flock" is an art project by Bertamaria Reetz and Rainer Bonk ("Blue Sheep") and is under the patronage of the EU Parliament. The peacefully grazing blue flock of sheep stands for tolerance, for human coexistence and social responsibility. At the same time, the color BLUE is the color of the European peace movement.

Kunst- und Friedensaktion: Die Blaue Friedensherde kommt!
Kunst- und Friedensaktion: Die Blaue Friedensherde kommt! © Evangelischer Friedhofsverband Berlin Stadtmitte

With this one-day art and peace project, the EVFBS would like to invite the visitors of the cemeteries in Bergmannstraße and the passers-by at Südstern to pause and commemorate. The cemetery chapel will be open all day for silent prayer in remembrance of the countless people killed or forced to flee and in need worldwide as a result of wars, to light a candle and to pray for peace.

Free admission. Donations for refugee work are possible.
Alter Luisenstädtischer Friedhof