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: Performance & Artist Talk

The event program "Art and Exile" is dedicated to the perspectives and experiences of artists and activists living in exile. They are often discriminated against in multiple ways, on the one hand by persecution in their country of origin, and on the other hand by racism and difficult access to infrastructures in their country of refuge. Through their commitment and their diverse experiences, however, they have profound knowledge about the social, political and cultural situation in both countries.

KEY VISUAL Kunst und Exil
KEY VISUAL Kunst und Exil Ulme35

As a program accompanying the exhibition "Migration and Roots", "Art and Exile" focuses on the work, knowledge and reality of artists and activists living in exile. Through different formats, geo- and cultural-political issues, historical contexts, structural obstacles, and the possibility and necessity of solidarity will be addressed.

On Thursday, December 1, Wirya Budaghi creates an intimate space for mourning and at the same time for collective responsibility towards oppressed people in Iran and Kurdistan in a performance newly developed for "Art and Exile". Budaghi focuses on the persecution of minorities and the history of social movements from the region, as well as the essential contribution of these movements to coping with pain, dealing with injustice, and generating hope for victory as a collective act. Thus, the performance creates a collective presence of bodies in the free space of art, thereby enabling the expression of sympathy and solidarity with those who are oppressed, attacked and murdered in this moment.

Afterwards, an artist talk will take place with Budaghi, the curator Barış Seyitvan and the artists Soosan Azîzî and Gohdar Salahaddin, who participated in the exhibition "Migration and Roots". They talk about their experiences as artists:in exile, the conditions of their artistic work, and persecution, oppression and change.
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