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Two acoustic guitars tell stories, nothing more - and especially nothing less!

Gitarrenduo ilimitado
Gitarrenduo ilimitado © Christian Reister

Filigree, energetic and expressive, the two musicians Marco Ponce Kärgel and Sven Schneider play their way through their instrumental original compositions. In wondrous worlds of sound, beautiful melodies meet oblique tones, intertwined rhythms meet clear structures - held together by the ear-open interplay of the two virtuoso guitarists.

With their acoustic guitars, the two musicians seduce their audience to a journey into their very own sound cosmos, and the reduction to the essentials in the music - rhythm and melody - creates space for the listeners' own images in their heads.

The word "ilimitado" comes from Spanish and stands for the unlimited. A bit like the origin and the musical work of the two musicians.
Additional information
Meeting point: Belvedere garden

Price info: Donations welcome
Belvedere auf dem Pfingstberg Potsdam