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video walk with Vanessa Cardui

Body Construction is a 30-minute video walk through the Charlottenburg Palace Park. The videos are site-specific and relate to the body and the urban environment: overwrite landscapes, leaf through building facades, paint over sculptures, sketch the history of the district, take up color and shape patterns of the environment and show how urban space is part of our body becomes.

The videos enter into a dialogue with the district and provide new visual impulses. They communicate with the city and reflect the urban space. Through a media narrative form, sculptures and facades are opened and relocated via the portable screen. For example, the feet of the baroque Flora statue are transformed and evoke a modern image of women. The aim of the intervention is to liberate the medium of video from the interior and the classic cinema context and to bring it outside onto the street so that it can be experienced while walking. It is a new playful and participatory approach to the medium of video in urban space.
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